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Scan question
 papuwa_island - (magnet_dance)
03:06pm 18/12/2011
isoyou posting in Papuwa Island
Hello everyone,
I've been scanlating Nangoku Shounen for a while now and hit a snag at volume 5. Because my hardcopies are oceans away I used the raws found online and just noticed that 12 pages from chapter 39 are corrupt (the one where the Tokusen Butai are introduced!).

I was wondering if anyone here could help me out with the missing pages... I'd be ever so grateful! :DD
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[mad] Melancholy of Magic
 papuwa_island - (nangke)
10:55pm 12/11/2010
nangke posting in Papuwa Island
I happened to find this one tumblr:


Someone's taken Magic's song about Shintaro and assembled a MAD from various David Bowie videos. XD
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 papuwa_island - (inktrap)
05:01pm 18/10/2010
inktrap posting in Papuwa Island
I've nominated Papuwa for this year's yuletide. If people are willing to participate, perhaps we can have a couple of Papuwa fics by the end of the year =)
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Question about names
 papuwa_island - (magnet_dance)
10:57pm 21/04/2010
isoyou posting in Papuwa Island
Hey all Shibata Ami fans. I was just wondering, how do most of you spell the characters names?
Do you prefer Harem or Harlem, is it Service or Servis? Luzar or Loser?

I've personally always preferred Harem, Service and Loser. Even though they sound silly (especially that last one). But we don't use different spellings for Magic or Liquid so I find it a bit odd to change the others. ^^;

So what do you all think?
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No particular update.
 papuwa_island - (warau_inu)
12:43am 19/07/2009
warau_inu posting in Papuwa Island
Yeah I'm really sorry that I haven't been updating this comm.
Because Papuwa ended and nothing has been happening (no merchandise, no sign of them being translated, etc), I haven't had anything to post over here.

I know it seems like I've been neglecting to keep this comm alive, but in reality it's more of the fact that there is really isn't anything to post about.

But just for those who have joined this comm, I'd like to just say that I DO keep checking this comm for updates by new members, and I do check around for any updates regarding the fandom.

So, though the comm seems like it's dead, it's still breathing by barely ^^;;

that's all I wanted to say for today!

hope to see something happen soon xD
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Sorry for the late update.
 papuwa_island - (warau_inu)
02:44am 14/03/2009
warau_inu posting in Papuwa Island
Wow. It's been ages since I've posted.

Though I'm sorry to say that I've got nothing to provide this time.
Since Papuwa ended and Shibata Ami is pushing Kami Yomi,
I don't have much to post about.

But, for those who are still into Papuwa and other AMIN works, I'd like to attempt to post a discussion for anyone who's still reading this comm posts.

My discussion topic is:

"How did you find the final ending to Papuwa (both anime and Manga), did you think it was a satisfying ending"


To be honest I wasen't really all that happy with the ending...
I noticed that Amin had a pattern going when she wants to shift the PAPUWA series to end.
She starts out with halarious stories, and gradually changes the story a bit melodramatically with various plot twists, though plot twists are still enjoyable, I think she may have over-did it abit.

But this is just my opinion, it's not a fact.

so, for those of you who still read this comm's posts, tell me what you think :)
music: Lady Gaga - Just Dance
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I'm Back!
 papuwa_island - (warau_inu)
02:08am 20/10/2008
warau_inu posting in Papuwa Island
well, it's been a successful move to Japan and now I'm back to update!

I've brought links for PAPUWA the anime again, but this month there will be no link of the month ;_;

I haven't been really browsing these days, my apologies.

But next month hopefully I can bring in some fanart or something. and I'm so relieved to see members posting in the community!

now I don't feel like a complete loser for updating every month XD

well, there is the ep post for this month: episode 6! thank you "Arlira"! who ever you are on dailymotion, it's so awesome to see PAPUWA online :)

Papuwa 06
Uploaded by Arlira
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music: Hayami Sho -- Meloncholy of Magic
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Pervert Song: The Melancholy of Magic
 papuwa_island - (fjfjbb99)
10:55pm 07/09/2008
fjfjbb99 posting in Papuwa Island
While surfing on Nico Nico (the Japanese Youtube, you might have to register to view, it's free ^_-), someone post this song from the Papuwa soundtrack:

Nangoku Shounen Papuwa Kun "The Melancholy of Magic"

I almost died from laughing too hard...La Chanson de Pervert! I couldn't help by translating the lyrics.

Yaoi warning, read at your own risk! XDCollapse )
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Papuwa Sims!
 papuwa_island - (fjfjbb99)
06:00am 06/09/2008
fjfjbb99 posting in Papuwa Island
I don't know if it's been brought up here before,
I found some Papuwa Character skins + objects sims:
SiM memo+ (has English page)
The mushroom is awesome...XD
I don't have Sims but this looks amazing! :D Enjoy
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Papuwa eps and Link of the Month!
 papuwa_island - (warau_inu)
02:19pm 29/08/2008
warau_inu posting in Papuwa Island
Yay! I'm back, and am now living in Japan :D

Sorry for the lack of updates, but no one has missed too much.
Also, sjen has mentioned that the series is officially finished (awww...) and Shibata sensei is now going to work on other projects.
The series may have ended but the fandom is still here XD

There has been a lack of updates basically everywhere in the Papuwa communities (outside of LJ), but hopefully I can try to maintain at least the comm I have... =_=;;

Today I'll be posting ep 5 of PAPUWA along with LINK OF THE MONTH!

Papuwa 05
Uploaded by Arlira

Link of the Month:


a fanart site dedicated to Harlem x Liquid.
(shounen-ai fansite)
The art is very cute, and depicts Liquid adorably!
a good site for those interested in the pairing.


see you guys in September!
mood: contentcontent
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